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Krishna University is, now, equipped with the advanced technology!

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Equipped With

Online Classes

KrU is equipped with various technical tools for managing the classes online.

Live Streaming

Just with one click, KrU can go for live streaming of any event!

S & F Management

KrU can manage the activities of its students and faculty.

Webinar Streaming

KrU can organize webinars, simultaneously, can live stream the webinars.


KrU can manage most of its daily activities on Education Management System!

Profile Management

Employees of KrU can manage their profiles and store important info or docs.

Book Publishing House

You can publish your books or book chapters.

Journal Publishing House

KrU is planning to publish journals on various academic streams.

Online Attendance

Faculty of KrU and its affiliated colleges can maintain attendance online.

Chat Room

Employees of KrU and its affiliated colleges can chat together for quick communication.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Start audio & video conferencing with the students and faculty.

eLearning System

KrU is planning to manage the eLearning (online education) system for various subjects.

Question Bank

Every old question paper of KrU is, now, available @ UPI QP Bank.

One Click Contact

Just with one click, KrU can contact the students or faculty!

Digital Library

Normal library turned into digital library @ KrU.

Powerful Features

KrU & its affiliated colleges can manage their daily activities with the available features!

Fully Secured

Security is our top priority and all the measures have been taken to provide the optimum security.

Easy Monitoring

User interface is very clear and simple. Just with one click, you can monitor all the features.

Everything At One Place!

All the needed technical softwares & tools are available @ KrU.

24/7 Support

Are you facing any problem, reach our support team. We are available 24/7/365 days!

No Down Time!

We are running on cloud (Powered by Google). So, you may not face any down time in 99.9% cases.


University or college admin can get the analytics of their usage just in one click as well as keep secure their data.


University and its affiliated colleges can get digitalized!